IntraMaps Roam v2.2

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IntraMaps Roam version 2.2 has been released.

IntraMaps Roam is a field, and office, data collection application built using the QGIS libraries and Python
It was built to be easy to use on (windows) based devices in an offline situation without a internet connection and the need for easy to use data collection
Roam supports point, line, and polygon capture, include Point at GPS capture.


Major features in version 2.2:

  • Built on QGIS 2.4
  • Info2 and Info1 block support
  • Support for enable/disable of capture, edit, edit geom modes on layers
  • Plugin model for extra side pages
  • Better link support in info panel
  • Image file saving support
  • New option row widget
  • New multi select list
  • New Number stepper widget
  • Search in list widgets

More Information is available at...