QGIS User Conference

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Digital Mapping Solutions (DMS) and the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA), are pleased to invite the QGIS community to attend a NZ QGIS User Conference in Wellington at the James Cook Hotel on Wednesday 23rd September.

There is no cost to attend the conference with breaks and lunch provided, so come along and share your experiences of QGIS with others.

Key highlights will be seeing new features for 2.10, proposed features for next versions of QGIS, followed by examples of what others are doing with QGIS especially LINZ and NIWA, and other users around NZ.

To cater for the growing number of QGIS Users out there, or those that are new to QGIS or evaluating it, we are running some training courses on the Monday & Tuesday also.

There is a small fee for each of the training courses on Monday and Tuesday if you want to attend.

 On Friday 25th September, 8.30 to 12, we are running a PYqt programming workshop for those getting in to writing Plug-ins for QGIS in Python.  

Please Contact Carl at  for more information and to book.

QGIS User Group Conference NZ 2015 (pdf)